Vela SNR 6Panel Mosaic  Credit: Gerald Rhemann

I’m using my energy on unnecessary anger.  … You didnt deserve even a tiny bit of me. And you proved me that you won’t ever deserve me. 


Call me arrogant or whatever, but I seriously am not even flattered anymore when someone calls me pretty.

Like yeah okay, I look good.

So fucking what?

If you really want to compliment me, tell me I’m intelligent.
Tell me I hold insightful conversations.
Tell me you don’t understand me.
Tell me I frustrate you.
Tell me I inspire you.
Tell me I make you think.
Tell me I make you crazy.

Compliment my fucking MIND damn it.

Because telling me I’m pretty means I can only hold your attention until my beauty fades and my tits sag.

But telling me my brain is beautiful means I have the ability to captivate you for a lifetime.

And my, oh my, what a compliment that is.

Christine Tran, How to Really Compliment a Girl (via soulofgold)